Thursday, 14 February 2013

Up for a Challenge

I haven't been able to find a whole lot of time for blogging lately, but I have found myself really enjoying reading other people's blogs, and I have found so many of you giving yourselves little challenges. Between Rachi's clean eating, CC's 100 before 25 list, Rachel's investment closet and Vanisha's no make up challenge, it's safe to say I'm feeling inspired!

I didn't want to start out too crazy so I've had a think about some little things in my life/house that I need to organise and sort out and I decided that my skin care/make up should be first on my list! I really hate clutter in general but for some reason this doesn't seem to transition into my make up and skin care. Recently I have found myself doing a few clean outs and have really enjoyed the organised feeling afterwards. My downfall, however, is those sample sized/travel sized products that I somehow find myself believing I will use for a weekend away, but never do... A lot of these products came from a beauty box subscription which I cancelled well over 6 months ago, I was just not finding it useful and was constantly having to find new storage for all these products! After a big clean out of things that I don't like/were past their "best before"/didn't suit my skin type, I was a little embarrassed by how much I still had.

So my challenge to myself is a ban on buying any make up/cosmetic/skincare/haircare item, until all of these products are finished...

 photo SAM_0435_zps4cd4ca26.jpg
I estimate that this will maybe take me two months or so, and I feel that I will in no way be depriving myself. In fact, I think it will probably be a nice few months of face masks and regular use of hand cream! I have also included a few products that are almost finished and just seem to be never ending.
A little disclaimer: I am allowing myself a body wash purchase, because I'm almost out, I was also going to include shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen on this list, but I recently stocked up on these products so I don't think I will need to buy those.
I'm pretty excited about getting rid of excess stuff and streamlining my skin care routine to things that I know suit my skin and work for me. Have you set yourself any goals lately? If you have, how are they going? I love reading about other people's plans, it has definitely inspired me to plan my own challenge, I'll keep you all posted with how it goes!
Zoe xx


  1. Oh great idea! I love setting myself little goals, and I must admit, my bathroom cupboard is also overflowing with simiar items. Maybe I will have to take up your challenge!

  2. That's a great place to start! I'm still going strong on my no makeup buys for an entire year. I'm also trying to use up body/bath products first before buying others. I went through my drawers the other week and chunked a ton of stuff that was way too old for comfort. Why do we hoard makeup and bath stuff??

  3. this is what i'm trying to do at the minute! i've already used up three small shampoos & conditioners and my cupboard is looking better for it already! X X X

  4. This is a great idea! I'm totally with you about those little travel size toiletries.. it's like they multiply in the cupboards or something, I also never seem to use them but can't bring myself to throw them away either! Good luck and keep us posted! xx

  5. i'm doing something similar to this where i can only buy something once ive used something up... not doing too brilliant with make-up tho hehe! xx

  6. I'm currently doing this with my perfume. I realised about a year or so ago that I had over 20 bottles of perfume. So, I've been attempting to use them all - especially the ones I have double ups off! I started with all the perfumes that were half finished and so far I've finished four bottles.

    x Jasmine

  7. Good luck! Sure you will do well and its quite satisfying using products up x

  8. I couldn't believe how many products I'd accumulated when I moved house a few weeks ago! When you're all out I suggest you check out Arbonne ( - I had plans to use up all my products but after this stuff I won't ever be going back. Theyre a Swiss company with products which are all natural, botanical based, paraben free, pH correct...i could go on! This is also the company where I've started my new business, but honestly I wouldn't be selling it if I didn't use it and love it to bits! Let me know if you ever want any samples :) x

  9. Bloggers are such inspirational people aren't they? :) good luck with all your challenges, I'm sure you're going to be just fine!