Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Favourite Makeup products of all time

Since putting myself on a spending ban, I have actually really enjoyed using some make up products that I had been neglecting and I think my makeup philosophy is starting to change a little... I used to be the sort of person who wanted to try everything and have a big collection, but I've realised that what is more important is to do research and invest in products that work for me, taking into account my skin type, my colouring, and the quality of the products.
Another bad habit I have is that I tend to save some of my more expensive products for "special occasions", why do I do this? I very rarely use up these makeup products and I have decided that I am going to start using my high end products on a more regular basis and actually get my moneys worth out of them.

While shopping my collection I decided it would be fun to share some of my all time favourite products with you. Let's start with face products...
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- Now this is a product that I do save for special occasions, but only because I don't use primer on an every day basis, when I first tried this product I didn't like it, but then I saw Lisa Eldridge use it in a tutorial and realised I wasn't using it right, you should not rub this product in, it should be pressed onto the skin and moved as little as possible, then wait a bit while it does it's tightening magic and then continue with the rest of your face. It's great.
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer- I have already written about this product in my What's in my Travel Make up bag? post, I just love it, it's the best concealer I have ever used.
Beauty Blender sponge- I got caught up in the Beauty Blender hype and am so glad, this is one of the best make up application tools I have ever used. It evenly applies foundation and the pointy end can be used for concealer, if you apply blush too heavily this can take some off and even it out, it's a great multi-purpose tool. I didn't wash it very frequently when I first got it and I was mortified by how much product came out when I did wash it, so if you have one of these, make sure you are keeping it clean.
Clinique City Block- This is my all time favourite face sunscreen, I wear it every day under my foundation, I have strayed a few times to try and find another but keep coming back to this one, it is slightly tinted but the tint does not show up on the skin so I wouldn't rely on it for any coverage, it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave me shiny, I pretty much take one with me everywhere.
I haven't included a foundation in this because I don't really have an all time favourite foundation and I really wanted this post to be about tried and tested products that I really believe in, I do really like the Clinique Redness Solutions make up but I don't own it right now as I am trying to use my current ones up.
Now onto cheeks...
Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Bashful Plum- I received this in a Gift with Purchase and I am so glad I did, it's a colour I don't think I would have purchased otherwise, it is a plummy, rosy kind of colour with some subtle shimmer, I think it's a great, natural colour and the quality of these blushes is really lovely. They are easy to apply and blend very well.
Dior Bronze Original Tan in 02 Honey Tan- This is hands down the nicest bronzer I have ever used, this one has shimmer, which I don't mind, but I think they do a matte version which I know some people would prefer. This was one of the products I had on my "special occasion" list, but I worry about keeping products too long and I spent too much money on this to throw it out half used so it's going in the everyday make up bag, I adore it.
There are so many other cheek products I could have put in here, I am a bit of a blush addict, but I didn't want this post to be crazy long, let me know if you would like a blush/bronzer/highlighter post and I can tell you about some other ones I really like.
Now for eye products...

Napoleon Perdis eye shadow in Ultra Pearl- This eyeshadow colour seems to be never ending, I feel like I use it so much and it doesn't even seem to be dented, it is a gorgeous shimmery peachy bronzey kind of colour (I think that's possibly the worst description ever, but oh well!), I think it looks great with green eyes and it just blends so well and stays put, this is so well loved that the packaging is broken and the name almost worn off, but i just can't bear to part with it, maybe if they still make this colour I will trade up...
Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow in 970 Stylish Move- I am not super adventurous with my eyeshadow colours. If I'm not wearing browns/neutrals, I'm probably wearing purples, they really just seem to be the main eye colours I'm drawn to. Anyway, these colours are gorgeous, the formula is great and the finish is beautiful, I have even forgotten eyeshadow brushes before and resorted to the little sponge tip applicators and didn't hate them, all round a lovely product.
Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid eyeliner- I don't wear liquid eyeliner very frequently so am not the best at applying it, but even I can manage this pen, it's easy to work with, very black, and stays put, I will re-purchase this when I use it up but I've had it for a while and it seems to be going strong.
Savvy eyebrow pencil in Taupe- I bought this on a whim one day when I forgot a brow product while I was away because it was cheap and I love it, I have the colour Taupe which probably looks like it would be too light but I like the natural full brow look as opposed to the very defined look so this is perfect for filling in areas which are a little sparse.
I didn't include a mascara because it just isn't a product I care about all that much, I know that is just blasphemy to some people but I don't even wear it every day, I have quite dark lashes and I just hate getting it off at the end of the day so it's kind of in the too hard basket, I'm so lazy! The one I have at the moment is the Covergirl Clump Crusher and I do really like it, so maybe it will eventually make my all time favourite list, who knows..?
Last but not least lip products-

Maybelline lipstick in 075 Let me Pink- I think these are called Colour Sensations but I couldn't remember and it's not on the packaging, I love this colour, it's the perfect natural pink that I wear sheered out on an every day basis and build it up for night, it's got enough colour that I can wear it with a neutral eye but it's natural enough to wear with a darker eye colour too, very versatile.
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey- I think this is a terrifying looking lip product but it isn't at all, it is such a sheer colour (see the middle swatch below) which works on absolutely any skin tone to add colour and sheen, it's beautiful, this is another colour I have worn day and night. Definitely worth a look at next time you're at a Clinique counter, you won't regret it!
Clinique Butter Shine lipstick in Baby Baby- I am quite fair and I really just can't pull off a nude lip, I find it really washes me out, this lipstick adds enough colour to have a nude-ish look but the slight shine makes my lips look fuller which I also feel takes away from how harsh nude lips can sometimes look. The only downside is that I don't like the taste, but I love the colour and feel so much I will just try to eat less of it! If you know what I mean...

L-R: Maybelline Let me Pink, Clinique Black Honey, Clinique Baby Baby
I'm sorry I didn't swatch all of the products, the lighting was a bit off and it just didn't really work out, I will hopefully do a FOTD post soon (my first ever) using these products so you can see them in action. I hope you've found this interesting or useful, I love reading about products people have been loving, what are some of your all time favourite products? I would also like to know if you save expensive items for special occasions or if that was just me being a little crazy? I definitely feel good about my decision to use my expensive products more regularly. It will, after all, take my cost per use way down which helps me justify my spending...
Zoe xx


  1. I love getting a peek into what other people love using. Lately I've chucked out even more of my makeup and have only been using my Chanel Bronzer and NP gel eye liner. Really enjoying not wearing anything more on my face.

  2. Agree with Vanisha, I love reading posts like this too! I've always been a fan of Mac foundations and eye shadows as they have the best shades for darker skin tones. But if I had to pick my absolute all time favourite products that I've used for as long as I remember it would have be the Mac Crayon Kohl eye liner pencil and Clinique lash doubling mascara. Can't live without them! I've been looking for a better primer, might have to trial this Clarins one!

    p.s. On an unrelated topic, we definitely should try to organise a meet up. I'll email you! xx

  3. Great post :) one of the few things I never leave the house without are mascara and lip balm xx

  4. I need to stop letting myself buy makeup. I have more then enough and hardly use any of it. I do love Dior though.

  5. I'm always really interested to see what people put on their faces. As I hardly ever where make up (only to job interviews and weddings), I'm always super awed!

  6. I love the Clinique city block too! I just use it in the summer over here in the UK and just rely on foundation with sun protection built in in the winter time :)

    Love, Rachel

  7. I need that Beauty Blender in my life! Ugh. I feel like I'm the only one left on the planet who doesn't have it! lol Thank you so much for the comments on my blog. I'm definitely following. I love your blog as well :)

  8. I love the clarins beauty flash balm!

  9. Lovely and interesting post!I like your products!
    I only tend to use high quality products for my face creams,as I only use Louis Widmer!But I kind of like the primer!
    Have you already tried La Roche Posay or Avene make-up products?They have great quality products!
    Oh and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!And by the way I can`t roller skate either!:)


  10. I've had my eye on a Dior eyeshadow palette for years but i really haven't settled into getting one. I'm just like you, not a big fan of mascaras. But i must admit i'm a mascara snob, drugstore mascaras all disappointed me in the past so now i stick to Dior, Giorgio Armani or YSL when i decide to buy/wear mascaras

    I absolutely love spending bans, they make me shop the things i own and realise that i don't need as much as i thought i did. It'll be interesting to try the Clarins Beauty Balm and see how that works on my skin

    xo Stephanie

  11. I absolutely love your blog, thank you so much for sharing your beauty tips, I'm the same way as well and going to try to use what I have instead of always buying more! I look forward to your future posts!! :) xx, C.

  12. Loving the look of the clinique blusher! And dior is such great quality. It seems when you spend a little more, it lasts a whole lot longer than the cheapy brands! Thanks for sharing! e & c