Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Favourites 2013

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One month down! I can't believe it is February already, for me that means back to work and real life again, sigh... It's been a great break though, and I am feeling ready to go back to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Let's hope it lasts...

I am excited to share with you some of my favourite beauty products from January, I just love reading favourites posts/watching videos so I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

Let's start with make up...

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Maybelline Fit Me concealer- This product has received rave reviews and for good reason, it is the best concealer I have ever used, and I have used a lot... It is smooth and does not sit in any fine lines, I use this on blemishes and any darkness under my eyes. I would highly recommend it.

Clinique Even Better Foundation- I did not take this product away with me when I went overseas and when I got home I re-discovered how much I love it. It is light but provides good coverage, and it does even out skin tone as the name suggests. I also love the packaging of this product, sometimes I find foundations in bulky glass packaging annoying, but this is compact and convenient. This foundation also has an SPF so is a good one to wear during the day.
MAC Mineralize blush in Love Thing- I love blush, to the point where some may think I have a problem... I just think that cheek colour really brightens your face and can really complete a look. This is the blush I have been reaching for frequently this month. It is a deeper coloured blush than I would normally go for but when applied lightly just looks great, it is a deep kind of berry colour with a light gold shimmer, this does not look overly shimmery on the cheeks, it just adds a healthy glow, this blush would probably look great on people with a deeper skin tone than me (I am quite fair), but I just tap the excess off on the back of my hand and apply it lightly and I love it. I think this colour would suit just about everyone.
Urban Decay Lip Junkie lip gloss- I got this teeny tiny sample sized lip gloss with my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and I love it, it is a great neutral colour, it just adds a little something so I have been wearing it when I have darker colours on my eyes as it is not a 'steal-the-show" kind of colour. I also love the consistency of this gloss, it is glossy without being sticky and tastes slightly minty, yum! I will definitely be purchasing some more of these.
Now on to skin and body care...

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Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin 24 hr nourishing lotion- I have quite dry skin, but it has been super hot here lately and I just hate the feeling of thick body creams'/body butters in the Summer, gross... So I gave this one a try, it is a thin consistency and absorbs quickly but still keeps me moisturised, and it's cheap! I'm sold! 
Lush Ultra Bland- This is my all time favourite Lush product, it is a balm cleanser which you massage on to dry skin and it just melts off your make up, it smells like almonds and honey and is wonderful! Sometimes I use this on it's own and other times I follow it with another cleanser, it just depends how lazy I am! I am not sure if this would suit people with oily skin, but for me it works wonders.
Clarisonic Mia- I think this was the first big skin investment I have made and I am so glad I did. The Clarisonic Mia is an electronic cleansing tool which oscillates to remove make up and impurities, there are lots of claims made about this product including that it removes 6x more make up than manual cleansing. I don't really know how I would test that, what I do know, is that my skin tone has improved, my breakouts has decreased, and when I do get them they clear up quite quickly and the dry patches that I used to get are a thing of the past! I'm a happy customer!
What are your favourite products from the month of January? I love reading what other people are loving so leave me a comment below or link to a blog post if you have done one, I would love to check it out!
Zoe xx


  1. I really want a clarisonic - your skin has definitely looked really good since you get one. Better add it to my ridiculous will hopefully buy later list, which is out of control!

  2. OMG, you couldn't have timed this post any better! I've been reading reviews about Clarisonic Mia for weeks and finally went online ( to buy it last Friday and this frustrating website doesn't accept Mastercard! I mean, honestly, who doesn't accept Mastercard these days? I've sent them an email for a please explain so waiting to hear back from them. Can I ask where you bought yours from?

  3. That is so odd that they don't accept MasterCard!

    I got mine from the David Jones in the Canberra Centre, I think the Myer in the Canberra Centre has them too, I just love mine, it makes my skin feel great! Let me know how you go xx

  4. Here in Italy it's impossible finding the Fit me of maybelline! I don't know why here eveything comes later!
    Lovle blog!
    Love your style of writing!

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  5. I've been thinking about investing in a Clarisonic for a while... I have acne and I've tried almost everything... I'm thinking it might be worth the investment. We'll see!

  6. I gave up wearing make up a few months ago so I've been focusing on skin care a lot more. I'm loving rediscovering my old favorites - the Chanel Hydra Max range and Pure Fiji products :)