Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Australian Adventures: Tathra

Over the New Year I spent a few weeks in New Zealand, it was absolutely beautiful and I had such a nice time writing a little blog series about my adventures.

I have found myself missing writing about my travel adventures, and with no overseas trips on the horizon I thought it would be nice to share some of the places in Australia that I have discovered and think are blog-worthy. I'm not sure how long or regular this series will be, but I am hoping to spend some more time exploring the amazing places we have here, and we are beginning our adventure in Tathra...

 photo 6CF5C8CC-5A9E-4BC2-B77B-9A3ABC9A31ED-797-0000009085A08ED3_zps0889eaea.jpg

A few weeks ago I was invited to a wedding in Tathra, upon receiving this invitation I proceeded to Google this unknown location... It is on the South Coast of New South Wales, about two hours south of Batemans Bay and about 20 minutes from Tathra.

We took the coast road and travelled leisurely through some really cute towns, stopping at the Braidwood bakery and taking a quick walk along the beach in Narooma... As far as car trips go, it was a very nice one.

Now before I go any further I must confess I am not a beach lover. I think I was scarred growing up in Sydney spending all day on hot, crowded beaches and neglecting my sun protection and hydration, and then having to catch a ferry and train home feeling sandy and unhappy. But since then I have been coming around to beaches again, and Tathra seems to have all the things I look for in a beach.
It was not too crowded, not too big, the water was clear and beautiful and every single person I spoke to in Tathra was friendly and accommodating. I could get used to this place...

Having only spent about 24 hours here I know that there is more to discover and I will definitely be heading back. In the meantime I wanted to share some of the photos I took, I don't think they quite capture how beautiful it is, but they give you an idea...

 photo 71E33686-E9D5-4769-A7C1-3A28EB0061BF-797-00000090A33F818D_zpsa8b9d853.jpg
 photo F20F2E69-2636-4DEA-967A-D638B08E6E9E-797-00000090D94EA394_zps89bd94e9.jpg 
 photo 83A5FE00-AC04-4DA9-8529-7848B335C397-797-00000091F4AB96E6_zps7cf3f1c1.jpg
A little disclaimer: My phone did not work in Tathra, no connection to the outside world... I actually really like when this happens for roughly 24 hours, it's nice to "switch off" sometimes, more than this and I struggle, but I also felt like maybe this was why I appreciated the place so much. I had more time to look around and just soak it all in.

If you are after an action packed holiday this may not be the place for you but if you are after the kind of place you can take a pile of books and a big hat and just relax, I think it would be perfect, that's my plan for my return to Tathra anyway!
So thanks Tathra, I will definitely be seeing you again.
Have you gone anywhere interesting lately? Any places you would recommend I put on my list? I'd love to know what you've been up to!
Zoe xx


  1. wow these pictures are amazing hun!!


  2. Tathra looks amazing! I love how many gorgeous places Australia has to explore. I plan to see more of our gorgeous country this year :)

    x Jasmine

  3. I love that feeling when you go somewhere for a short period of time and know instantly that you want to go back. I had not heard of Tathra until this post!

  4. hello. Congratulations Great blog. It's very interesting what you're saying, this is a beautiful picture. We salute you :)